GT Performer Canine 150g


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The Prebiotic removes bad lactic acid producing bacteria. This acid burns the gut linings preventing proper absorption of nutrients.

Most of the body’s immunity stems from the gut wall so immune functions are compromised and in some dogs sensitised leading to skin or gut allergies. The prebiotic can assist in reversing these effects.

The probiotic scavenges for oxygen to create improved anaerobic conditions so good bacteria can proliferate

Pre and Probiotics work in synergy to maintain optimal gut function from which the whole body benefits.

Each dog has individual gut flora that is as individual as a thumbprint is to us. By using our special yeast strains, we make sure all good bacterial strains are encouraged to grow in harmony with the dog’s immune system.

Our probiotic is treated to withstand the gastric acid in the stomach so as to reach the intestines undamaged and work its magic where it is intended.

Each strain of bacteria has a specific job to do developing particular nutrients for the body so it is imperative they all work. We are not simply adding a few good strains of bacteria with the hope they survive the gut acids to get where they need to go. We believe the ingredients we use are superior and can benefit both gut health and general wellbeing.

Some of the issues GT Performer Canine may benefit include:

Diarrhoea, Gas and Intestinal upset

Appetite and enhancement

Stamina and recovery from exercise

Behaviour and attitude

Improved immunity in the young and old

Milk yield and immunoglobulins

Reduced stress at weaning, during travel or changes in environment, when on antibiotics, pre and post-surgery and during illness

Better tissue repair

General improvement of body condition, coat quality, coat lustre and nail condition and strength through the biotin enriched formula