Original Leather & Saddle Oil 1L


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Original Leather & Saddle Oil 1 Litre 

Regular use of Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil will preserve and protect your leather goods naturally. Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil will restore dry, cracked & brittle leather so that the leather fibres will remain soft, supple and enjoyable to use, ensuring that the leather will have a long and useful life.

✓ Contains natural nourishing ingredients to care for the natural fibres of leather

✓ Unique blend of lanolin, waxes and oils

✓ Highly effective at penetrating and softening leather quickly

✓ Quickly absorbed by leather

✓ Softens and preserves leather gear without damaging stitching


To get great results, first clean the surface with Equinade Liquid Leather Soap or Equinade Glycerine Leather Soap. Using a soft paint brush, apply Equinade Original leather & Saddle Oil lightly and evenly to both sides of the leather. Allow to absorb, then buff with a soft cloth for a natural looking finish. To seal and protect from all weather conditions, apply Equinade Leather Dressing

1 Litre