Vitamite® Power-On®


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Vitamite® Power-On® 

Rapid conditioning & cool energy supplement for all horses.

Vitamite® Power-On® is a highly digestible, steam extruded, concentrated rice extract that is suitable to be added to all equine diets to provide high levels of oil and cool energy to assist with conditioning and top line. Power-On® provides a cool, safe, sustained energy level that minimises sugar fluctuations and spikes, compared with raw grains such as corn or barley. Exercising horses benefit from the increased levels of Selenium and Vitamin E that assist with muscle function and the Ferulic Acid found in Power-On® provides natural antioxidants that protect cell membranes from exercise induced damage.


Simply add Power-On® to a Mitavite complete feed or nutrient balancer to:

  • Enhance condition for race horses and sport horses in work.
  • For poor doers needing more weight.
  • To enhance cover on yearlings being prepared for sale or show horses and ponies.
  • For horses prone to tying up that need a low starch energy source.
  • For fizzy horses needing a cool energy source.


Available in 20kg bags


Steam extruded stabilised rice bran, mineral salts, molasses, natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidant

Daily Feeding Guide

Feeding Guide
Benefit/Purpose Horse Type Amount Fed
Increase cover or bloom Equestrian horses or ponies 0.25 - 1.5kg
  Show horses or ponies 0.25 - 1.5kg
  Yearling preparation 0.5 - 1.5kg
  Performance horses 0.5 - 2kg
  Unconditioned horses or ponies 0.25 - 2 kg
Cool energy source Ponies 0.25 - 1kg
  Galloways 0.25 - 1.5kg
  Horses 0.5 - 2kg
Tying up All horse types Replace grain on a kg for kg basis 0.5 - 2kg
Alternative to raw grains Racing throughbreds, racing standardbreds and high performance sport horses Replace grain on a kg for kg basis 0.5 - 2kg

Nutritional Content

ANALYSIS (as fed)
OIL % 15
SALT % 1.2
Calcium 18g
Phosphorus 15g
Selenium 1mg
Vitamain E 650iu